STEP (Sales Transformation and Enhancement Program)


STEP (Sales Transformation and Enhancement Program) is an application that runs both on Android Tablets and Phablets.

The main Objective of this application is:

  • Empowerment of Sales Team
  • Higher level of Market Connect
  • Better Sales experience & Market Coverage.

This application also helps in Dealer Network Expansion and also ensures the quality of service offered to the dealers. This application is developed to focus, as well as capture the Issues and Feedback of Dealers.


Technical Architecture

Given below is the technical architecture of GeoSales Information System:


The Application runs on Android operating system communicates with the server and fetch the data from the DB. Data is uploaded from the SAP server on the repository which in turn saved into the Server DB by the backend code executed on the server.

Functional Specifications

There following functionalities available.

  • Product Catalogue
  • This module displays the pictures and specification of all products for different brands. The sales executive is only able to see the specific brand he/she is connected. Any updates/changes are synced from the backend server.
  • Product Comparison
  • This module compares the attributes of selected products and displays the results.
  • Stock Available
  • The application gives the product code, product description and the stock available.
  • Price List
  • The application gives the product code, product description, and the MRP, DP, a user entry field to calculate schemes and the calculated final landing price appears.
  • Dealer History
  • The application gives the following details of the selected dealer like billing history of the past year, credit limit, pending commercial claims, aging reports etc.
  • Dealer Network
  • It also shows dealer location on the map.
Google Map
  • Sales Order Generation
  • This module allows the user to give instructions to the commercial department to generate sales order.
  • Performance Reports
  • Shows the details of the Sales/Collection targets and achievements of the Sales office and details of the branches for the seniors as per hierarchy.
  • Journey Cycle Plan
  • Helps in the planning of visits to different dealers on specific dates
  • Market Connect
  • Helps taking feedback from Dealers at dealer location and update the same to the concerned department. It also rates the service with the competitor. Competitor presence at a different counter is also captured.
  • Route Mapping
  • The application has the facility to capture the route followed during the survey of different dealer counters. The route followed is shown on the mobile device and also on the web page.
  • Route Optimization
  • Application to analyze the various routes followed during the survey of different counters and provides the optimized route to be followed.
  • Commercial Videos
  • Commercial videos are integrated into the application for visual representation of the products.
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