Centralised Promotion Engine

What is Centralize Promotion Engine?

Centralize Promotion Engine is a facility for the retailer to centrally control the promotions currently being created at the stores. With the help of Centralize Promotion Engine, we also decrease the risk of incorrect creation of promotions at store level by Store Managers. Centralize Promotion (C.P.)Engine is a facility for the retailer to control the promotions currently running in all the stores, at the corporate level.

With the help of C.P. We can create, update or delete any promotion running in any Store(s), also decrease the risk of creating promotions at store level by Store Managers individually, for their stores.

Base Promotion Engine

  • Promotion Engine in the base product is currently held in BackOffice application to create Discount Rules/ Promotions at the store level and is managed by Store Managers individually for their stores.
  • There is no way to Control the promotions from Corporate Level, running at various Stores.
  • The extra workload for store person, high Risk and high probability of errors.
  • Each store has to create separate promotion for their stores
  • No Happy Hours functionality is provided in the Base Engine.
  • Promotions can be created and edited at store level.
  • Run Time Issues can be resolved and maintained by Highly Trained Corporate Employees
  • A lot of new functionalities are being added at Corporate Level.

Centralize Promotion Engine

Store Groups:

  • Using Store Groups we have more efficiency to create more specific Rules for stores coming under the same zone
  • More Time saving as we can create promotions for more than one store at a time

Item Groups:

  • The criteria in Promotions can be widened using Item Groups Mix-n-Match functionality. Hence promotions are more powerful and more beneficial to Customer and Store both.

Happy Hours:

  • The Rule created is being used for a specific Time Span in the given time criteria. Hence the rule can be used at various types
  • In Happy Hours we can define the specific Time Span during the day for the discount applied.

Transfer of Data in POS

Base Functionality:

  • In base product, the rule created at store level resides in the store database and will reflect in POS.

Centralize Promotion:

  • Rules will be created at CentralOffice Hence needs to flow Data from CentralOffice to BackOffice.
  • A new utility has been developed to transfer data from Central Office to Back Office

Product Potential of SIM Offline

Centralize Promotion Engine assists a retailer in carrying out following operations in the event of Creating Promotions:

Centralised Promotion Engine
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