SNDH's mission is to provide state of the art high-quality healthcare services adopting the latest technology at an affordable cost. The hospital is committed to maintain the highest standard of care and respond to the needs of the community compassionately.

Vision is to provide high-quality tertiary healthcare services by experienced and qualified staff also to provide a solid platform for educational purposes in both clinical and para-clinical areas.


The Seth Nandlal Dhoot hospital is managing the on-premise software server for hospital management.

SNDH is searching for the cheap and effective backup solution at geographic different location.

Why Amazon Web Services ?

SNDH engaged Infodart to back-up their environment to the AWS Cloud. The core AWS services supporting SNDH Amazon Simple storage service (Amazon S3) which provides the best solution for backup.

SNDH able to get more storage with secured environment.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenge Infodart and AWS Team suggested the following architecture diagram.


SNDH today ability to store a large amount of data with a very low cost.

Amazon S3 gives SNDH 99.99% availability that will protect their data.

With Pay as you go model in AWS S3 there would be no setup cost and no minimum fees.