NeoMart is a B2C application that connects consumers to their favourite market and stores. With more and more consumers opting for e-commerce and online stores, NeoMart fits perfectly by aiding consumers to have easy on-the-go access to their favourite markets. Consumers can avail the best deals and place orders effortlessly with just a few clicks.

In today's age of digitization, small retail stores and markets are facing competition from organized and digital retail giants. In such a scenario, NeoMart comes to the rescue of small retail stores by providing a platform and solution to help them expand the business and reach out to consumers.

NeoMart aggregates all types of trade and commerce at Local Level including Local Updates, News, Promotions & Offers, Shopping, Services, and Transactions. On Our Platform merchants can upload their products, manage their inventory, manage their delivery, do advertising and promotions, Billings and take feedback.


As NeoMart is in the sector of e-commerce, the company keeps a close eye on its trade spend, running complex simulations to predict which promotional activities will be the most effective.

To stay competitive they need to be agile which was the biggest challenge NeoMart was facing, At that time NeoMart needed to eliminate waste and invest more in the trade spend that drives faster time to market and greater revenue.

Why Amazon Web Services ?

NeoMart needed a solution that can help in automatic scale up and scale down as the traffic hits website continuously and the development team asked for continuous deployment and continuous integration.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenge Infodart and AWS Team suggested the following architecture diagram.

During the development, stage developers were able to upload their code to a bit bucket repository.

The Jenkins server will sense the trigger of code change and start polling the code and the auto deployment process will initiate. After a successful code build by Jenkins, the post-build action will trigger the AWS Code deploy service. The AWS EC2 instances are placed behind the Elastic Load Balancer which distributes traffic across multiple EC2 instances. The Code Deploy service deploys the code sequentially to one EC2 instance till that time the traffic is responded by another EC2 instance. The Code Deploy the users and developers do not see the downtime of the site.


By using AWS, the company is also able to be more agile. Instead of having to wait 30 days to make changes to its trade spend analysis system, the company can spin up instances immediately to perform the necessary data simulations (or calculations).

NeoMart engineers liked the accessibility and familiarity of the AWS platform, which enabled them to easily apply their existing knowledge and infrastructure skills to the AWS Cloud.