Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd

Established in 1999, Dhoot Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. (DTPL) opened the gates of technology to India with its research and innovative developments. A dedicated and efficient group, DTPL leads the industry in providing solutions for wire harnesses, cable systems, copper wires, electronics tooling, stamping and moulding systems.

The principal aim of DTPL is to provide turnkey green solutions for the automotive industry. We serve some of the core automobile and appliances industries with our high quality and innovative products.

A giant in the industry, DTPL has grown and excelled as an environment-friendly organization providing solutions to build a green nation with eco-friendly technology. With a sizeable contribution to our nation's wealth, DTPL works tirelessly to achieve its goals & create a better future with the help of innovative technologies.


DTPL Business Applicationsincludes a business-critical SAP environment, which was previously running on-premise Hardware Infra. DTPL sought to migrate most of the systems running on-premise, including SAP, to a public cloud environment.

One of the main challenges was the provisioning of the instant data centre and hardware required to run SAP enterprise software.

Sizing and costing of on-premiseservers which were running unnecessarily & thus impacted their overall economic growth.

Why Amazon Web Services ?

DTPL engaged Infodart to migrate its SAP environment to the AWS Cloud. The core AWS services supporting the DTPL SAP environment include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, which provide the computing power to run the environment’s applications.

For storing all SAP data, DTPL uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for storage. The feature of EC2 auto-recovery helps for low-cost hardware &high availability of the EC2 instances. AMI snapshots of EC2 instances further helpsto execute a low-cost disaster recovery protocol to be put in place, across multiple locations.

Infodart recommended the client to go for the Suse Linux Enterprise server and provided the comprehensive support during deployment of HANA. Connecting 11 branch locations to AWS. We also proposed site-to-site VPN to DTPL for better security throughout all locations.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenge Infodart and AWS Team suggested the following architecture diagram.


DTPL today no longer faces the CAPEX costs of refreshing a private cloud infrastructure. The company has also enhanced the speed of its business applications, including SAP.

With SAP environment running on AWS, DTPL has reduced the time it takes to produce our month-end report by half. That means getting KPIs into the hands of executives sooner so they can make crucial business decisions faster.

Provisioning times for SAP instances have also dropped from weeks to days since their migration to AWS.