Geographic Information System Services

Infodart Technologies India Ltd. is one of the leading providers of GIS, Remote Sensing and software services to clients in India and abroad. We hold more than 5 years of experience in producing base Geospatial and IT technology.

In today’s digital world, the importance of GIS (Geographic Information System) cannot be ignored as it provides useful geographic information. To manage geographic information, GIS is one of the best tools currently available. It is estimated that about 85% of the information managed by cities and states is georeferenced (i.e. located on the Earth) in some way, such as the location of a building shown on a map. Our complex GIS Mapping Services and GIS Remote Sensing services include capturing, storing, integrating, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth’s surface.

We provide dedicated solutions in GIS and resource mapping including Concept to accomplish solutions, Spatial Database Analysis, Digital Cartography and Surveys, GIS Development and Customization. We provide numerous GIS services to our clients available all over the world.

Our GIS solutions span the entire geospatial value chain from consulting, application development, modeling, remote sensing to data migration & conversion. We have our proprietary workflow management and process automation tools that help reduce cost and delivery time, while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Our GIS consultants with their deep and comprehensive knowledge of geospatial services have built multiple geospatial software applications for our clients.

Infodart uses updated GIS technology, research and innovation that are implemented by highly experienced and qualified staff to create maps. Our dedicated teams of engineer’s, geo-scientists, and planners have developed GIS products and systems integrated with GPS, GIS, and CAD. The services can be used for system design and architecture, management and maintenance, map production and analysis (specialized for GIS mapping agencies also), database design and development, user training and support, and 3d modeling and visualization for GIS mapping products and GIS remote sensing products.

As the accurate inventory of assets has become a nerve center for all infrastructure management systems, our main goal is to provide DGPS field based solutions for exact business geographic location and field inspection. Using our deep industry experience, we help clients in determining the geographical location of any asset which in turn will be integrated with the relevant database with its attribute data. We have a dedicated survey wing with expert professional consultants, hardware facilities and support to carry out DGPS survey for clients. We are specialized in doing various kinds of mapping such as administrative mapping, utility mapping, and infrastructural mapping.

The various GIS Data Services offered by Infodart are:

  • Survey
  • Digitization
  • Remote Sensing
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Topographical Mapping
  • Digital Photogrammetry Services
  • Development of Geospatial Software Applications
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