MedSave Health Insurance TPA Ltd

MedSave is one of the leading health insurance providers, spearheading its way into the world of healthcare providers.

It is one of the preferred destinations for insured to provide easily accessible, fast & reliable information to facilitate Health Insurance Transactions.

It also 20+ plus offices across India.


The Primary challenge was to upload huge amountsof data from on-premise to AWS. To overcome the issue, we used the AWS CLI tool to upload data on S3. AWS CLI tools further helped to secure and ensure fast data transmission to the cloud.

MedSave infra was deployed through on-premise servers and is used for development purposes for their existing application.

One of the main challenges was application functionality, Integration and load of heavy incoming traffic to on-premise servers.

Sizing and costing of servers on-premise were running unnecessarily which impacted their overall economic growth.

Why Amazon Web Services ?

MedSave engaged Infodart Technical Team to migrate it’son premise environment to the AWS Cloud. The core AWS services supporting MedSave environment included Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances with MS SQL DB, which provide the computing power to run the environment’s applications.

For storing all SAP data, Visy uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for in-memory storage.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenge Infodart and AWS Team suggested the following architecture diagram.


MedSave today no longer faces the capex costs of refreshing a private cloud infrastructure. The company has also enhanced the speed of its business applications.

With on environment running on AWS, performance of application able to cater the load better than on premise.

High availability and Scalability of the application.

Cost optimization and Secure environment.

DB layer scalability and High availability.